Thematic Groups – PAD Trainings

The Polish Association of Developers regularly organizes Thematic Groups, in which employees of member companies can take part free of charge. 

The trainings are to provide specialists from various departments, a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and opinions and take a form that takes into account the needs of meeting participants (lectures, analysis of legal acts and changes, case analysis, discussions). Speakers of the meetings are recognized experts in a given field.

There are six thematic group run by the Association – Legal Group, Marketing Group, Technical Group, Financial Group, Commercial Group and Management Group. The meetings take place in the largest cities in Poland – in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Kraków and Wroclaw.
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Legislative activities

PAD participates in legislative processes regarding bills, ordinances or ordinances. Our activities are based on formulating written positions, organizing working groups together with representatives of ministries and support activities at the stage of project preparation, social consultations and ministerial. As accompanying activities to strengthen our positions, we organize substantive conferences, prepare reports, articles and comments, raise topics in the media, commission legal opinions and analyzes.

PAD events

Housing Congress

The Housing Congress is the largest nationwide industry conference, which aims to open, multi-sectoral debate of entities shaping the housing market in Poland. The event integrates environments related to the residential real estate sector, representatives of state and local authorities as well as other participants of investment processes. During each edition of the Housing Congress, we find time for both general discussion during the panels and for a very detailed analysis of selected issues during thematic debates.

General Assemblies of PAD Members

Twice a year, PAD members meet at the General Meeting, which aims to summarize the activities of the organization’s board and set new directions for the coming months. The meeting is used to integrate development companies associated in PAD and Supporting Members, and is also an opportunity to establish cooperation with new business entities.

Ranking of Cities

The Ranking of Cities is an initiative prepared annually by the Polish Association of Developers, whose aim is to appreciate good practices of cities in terms of the efficiency of administrative bodies. Three elements are taken into account: Building Conditions, Building Permits and the degree of coverage of cities with Local Spatial Development Plans. The Ranking of Cities checks whether local authorities issue decisions needed to start construction within the statutory deadline. In this way, PAD wants to promote good cooperation between developers and cities, appreciating and promoting those urban centers that are distinguished by efficient and well-functioning administration. The Polish Association of Developers has organized nine editions of the Town Ranking so far.

Ranking of Banks

The Ranking of Banks is a cyclical initiative of PAD, aimed at selecting banks cooperating with developers on the most favorable terms in terms of financing and servicing developer housing investments, and thus having the most partner approach to cooperation with our Members. The Polish Association of Developers has organized thirteen editions of the Bank Ranking so far.
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Postgraduate Management Studies for Developers

The Postgraduate Development Studies organized by the Polish Association of Development Companies together with the Warsaw School of Economics have become a permanent element of the educational offer of this renowned university. Development Studies are two semesters, the first of which is devoted to issues of enterprise management. Students will learn the principles of conducting business in the development sector during classes on all areas of activity based on examples presented by lecturers. In turn, the second semester is devoted to practical aspects of business. During the course, students go chronologically through the entire development investment cycle – from exploring the possibility of establishing an economic entity, through the acquisition of land and financial resources, feasibility analysis, preparation of the investment and the entire construction process, to the sale of premises and after-sales service. So far nine editions have been held (in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics, the University of Warsaw and the Kozminski University).

Employees of companies associated in PZFD are entitled to a 10% discount on Postgraduate Development Studies.

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– Do you want to influence the legal opinions assessed by the Association?
– Do you want to have access to selected knowledge?
– Do you want credibility in the eyes of customers?

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