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Build Europe

The Polish Association and Developers operates within the Build Europe. For over 50 years, this organization has been promoting the activities of developers and house builders and their contribution to society. 
Build Europe is the umbrella organization for national federations. It represents more than 30,000 developers and house builders in Europe affiliated to the federations of 10 states. 
Build Europe members initiate real estate projects and assume responsibility for the coordination of the operations, the execution and the sale of the completed building to the final user. During that process, members are in charge of all legal, financial, technical and urban planning aspects in order to create a coherent and sustainable unit.  

Housing Congress

The Housing Congress is the largest sector event in Poland. It is organized by the PAD every two years. So far, four editions of the Congress have been held. It’s aim is to initiate a multi-thread debate and exchange of opinions between experts shaping the development industry market in Poland. 
During each edition of the Housing Congress, we find time both for general discussion during the Panels and for a very detailed analysis of selected issues during the thematic debates. 
We approach the issues with objectivity and professionalism. The effects of such actions can be seen in many places. Starting with the perception of the development industry as more and more mature and stable after appreciating our merits, which is manifested, inter alia, by the inclusion of the Polish Association of Developers in an advisory team in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction for the preparation of new technical conditions for buildings. 
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Thematic Groups

We conduct specialized training courses within thematic groups, in which employees of member companies can take part free of charge.  

There are six thematic group run by the Association: 
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Marketing-sales
  • Management 
  • Commercial


The PAD actively participates in the process of creating, amending and applying the laws affecting the development industry. 
The PAD is an important and listened-to partner in the discussion on new regulations, effectively representing the interests of the entire development industry and thus achieves a real impact on the shape of the law. Our activity is based on participation in social consultations, meeting of parliamentary committees, meeting with MPs, ministers, heads of central offices and other state institutions, where we try to make sure that the demands of the Union are taken into account. 
The Legal Department of the Association constantly monitors the legislative process both at the domestic and European level. 
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Code of Good Practice

Even before the so-called of the development act protecting the interests of buyers of apartments on the primary market, we were thinking ahead and as an industry organization we wanted to set good standards. Therefore, in cooperation with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection we have developed a Code of Good Practice, which to this day is binding on our members in relations between the client and the developer.

Postgraduate Management Studies for Developers

Through educational activities, we create for the development and improvement of qualifications of employees of development companies, which translates into the professionalization of the entire industry. 
We conduct together with the Warsaw School of Economics organize Postgraduate Management Studies for Developers, which constitute a unique offer on a national scale. 
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Ranking of the PAD 

We kwon that real estate development is inextricably linked with co-operation with other entities that operate in the market or create it directly. We also know that the evaluation is motivating. Therefore, with the participation of our member companies or using the right of access to public information, we develop two industry rankings. 


Housing competition

The Best Apartment Design Competition is an initiative to promote high standards in architecture. The competition’s aim is to appreciate the work of developers and architects who together create urban and environmentally friendly urban tissue, giving Polish metropolises a modern character.
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the development industry, we have announced the second edition of the nationwide architectural competition for the “Best Housing Project 2012-2015” under the Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and the Association of Polish Architects SARP.
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Reports, studies, analyzes

The Association publishes specialist papers, legal opinions, analyses and reports drawn up by renown experts. 

PAD library

The PAD library is a collection of the best diploma theses of students of Postgraduate Development Studies, organized jointly by the Warsaw School of Economics and the Polish Association of Development Companies. The collection is enriched with thematic studies prepared by PZFD and external industry experts as well as research and analysis results from project management, architecture and construction.
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Developer Vademecum

The Developer Handbook is a quarterly published by PAD, in which we deal with current problems in the development industry. The magazine is constantly expanding its thematic scope. PZFD members can find there not only expert opinions on changes in law and technical problems. We offer our readers a wide selection of articles on topics from the development industry as well as in the field of construction, architecture, interior architecture and business management.