Free development training for the PAD Members

  • 27th July 2021 Warsaw Financial Group
  • 3rd August 2021 Warszawa Legal Group
  • 24th August 2021 Warsaw Marketing Group
  • 30th August 2021 Gdańsk Legal Group
  • 13th September 2021 Kraków Legal Group

Completed trainings

  • 27th July 2021
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  • 11th January 2019 Warsaw Legal Group
  • 28th January 2019 Warsaw Financial Group
  • 29th January 2019 Warsaw Marketing Group
  • 11th February 2019 Poznan Legal Group

Thematic groups are periodic specialist training courses held in various Polish cities, in which employees of development companies associated in the PAD can take part free of charge. 
There are six thematic group run by the Association: legal, financial, technical, marketing-sales, management and commercial. 
Training courses are conducted by speakers who are renowned experts and context of the groups is always closely related to the development industry. 
Nonetheless, the most value comes from sharing experiences among our members. 
The trainings are conducted in Polish langue.