Legal Group

One of the most popular and recognizable Thematic Groups organized by PAD. Its participants are employees who provide legal services to companies in the development industry. Legal Group training is an opportunity to discuss various legal problems arising on the path of developers and an opportunity to discuss ways of dealing with them and preparing for changes. Representatives of legal groups are often representatives of the banking and notarial environments, as well as representatives of government administration.

Sample training topics.

1. Revolutionary changes in the law on the protection of personal data.
2. Threats resulting from the act on spatial planning and development.
3. The significance of the mortgage act for the development industry.
4. The Act on the transformation of the perpetual usufruct right to built-up land for residential purposes into the land ownership right.
5. New rules for tree felling for entrepreneurs
6. Negotiations of the assignment agreement with the bank from the developer’s perspective.
7. The main problems and threats are the so-called Investment Act and postulated directions of changes in the project.
8. 5-year warranty and guarantee. Revolution or evolution?
9. Relation of the Consumer Rights Act to the Developer Act.
10. Housing specification – practical aspects for the industry.
11. Draft amendment to the Development Act prepared by UOKiK.