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Substantive support

Supporting Members cooperate with PAD, offering substantive support during trainings – Thematic Groups, conferences or workshops. The specialist knowledge and experience of our Supporting Members allows for a comprehensive approach to a given problem from different perspectives. Experts from supporting companies are often speakers at the most important events of the PAD.

PAD events

Supporting Members participate in events organized by PAD, such as the Housing Congress, General Meetings, City Ranking or Bank Ranking, which are an opportunity to present their offer, exchange experience and establish cooperation with developers and other business entities.
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Our organization is not just a platform for exchanging expertise, but also experiences and contacts. 
In addition to regular training groups, we also organize the Housing Congress  and General Meetings, in which presidents, managing directors and owners of development companies take part. 
It is during these meeting that there is a great opportunity to expand the network of contacts, exchange knowledge, experiences, contacts, as well as practices from various regions of the country, which pay in further work and often allows to avoid additional costs. 
Using the experience of the other developers you may avoid many costs and save time. 

Representation of the industry

The Association brings together developers accounting for approximately 60% of production in the Polish market. Such a large representation allows us to speak with one voice on behalf of the whole sector. 
The PAD is an important and listened-to partner in the discussion on new regulations, effectively representing the interests of the entire development industry and thus achieves a real impact on the shape of the law. 
Our activity is based on participation in public consultations, meetings of parliamentary committees, meetings with MPs, ministers, head of central offices and other state institutions, where we try to make sure that the demands of the Union are taken into account. 
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Over its 17 years of existence the Polish Association of Developers has become one of the option leaders in the field of real estate., 
Today, Association’s experts are quoted in the largest opinion-forming newspapers almost on 
a daily basis. 
The press, radio and television turn to the Association for opinions and they are willing to quote them appreciating the high professional level of our experts. The Polish Association of Developers speaks on the most important issues regarding changes that affect the real estate industry, thanks to which our voice can be widely heard. 

Become a Supporting Member of PAD

The Polish Association of Developers is a nationwide organization of 185 developers from all over the country. The Union’s mission is to work for the development industry market while maintaining care for the sustainable development of Polish cities.

Many companies contact us to establish cooperation with developers associated in the Union. To enable them to do so, we have created a model of supporting partnership.
Enterprises which are interested in establishing business relations with PAD developers can become a Member, which gives the opportunity to participate in internal meetings of the Association and present their commercial offer.
The exact terms of the partnership are set out in the individual contracts. We encourage you to meet with a representative of the Union who will present a possible range of cooperation tailored
to your individual needs.

Contact us

Learn more about the Polish Association of Developers and join us! Make an appointment with the Deputy General Director, who will present in detail the areas of the Association’s activities and efficiently guide you through the process of joining PZFD.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Deputy Director 

+48 535 907 877
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